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Print a book, print on demand, print short runs

Printing a book, printing on demand, printing short runs, is totally posible today at a very low price. Read all the information in this article:

Print a book
Printing a book, printing on demand,

What do you have to do to print a book?

If you are an author, or even if you just have an idea and want to put it into a book, why don’t you do it? If some time ago it was a very complicated mission, today it is a reality within everyone’s reach. Even if you wanted to write a book and you don’t have the necessary writing skills, you can still write your book, as many authors who can’t write have done ( We want to help you, see how ).

But once you have the document ready, it’s time to print it, without having to invest large sums of money, or make contracts with publishers, or assign copyrights, without waiting for anyone’s approval, simply by printing your work with us, without delay and without high costs.

What is printing on demand? How to print a book?

Digital printing on demand
Digital printing on demand

Print on demand is also known as:

Edition on demand,

Printing or Edition or on request,

Editing or printing on request,

Printing on demand,

Editing or printing on demand,

print on demand,

Production on demand or printing of short runs.

It is about printing one or more books, magazines or any written work, in a digital printing press, with finishes equal to those of printing by thousands, with the advantage that the investment is minimal and large amounts of money are not risked in works of which it is not sure of its commercialization.

What does short-run printing consist of?

Printing on demand consists of printing from a single copy, either for tests of how the book will turn out, before printing a thousand or several thousand in Offset. See what is Offset printing.

It is also used to avoid having a large number of printed copies in the winery without having an already established and secure market.

In other words, you can print as you sell, or you can print a maximum of five or ten copies to spare, to have a small stock in the cellar. Or you print two or three to have in your library for personal satisfaction, or for any of the following cases:

A book or magazine that you want to do a test to find out how commercial it can be, therefore, you plan to leave two or three samples in two or three bookstores, to find out its commercial behavior.

A degree thesis.

A book of poems that will not be sold.

A gift, for example, for an anniversary, telling the love story of your parents or the couple in question.

A book you wrote to give as a gift to your friends and family.

In short, print on demand, or digital printing, is that you print only what you need, when you need it, and in exactly the quantities you need, even on a very low budget.

The reader in whose hands a book made in digital printing arrives will not notice that it is a new technique or technology, since the finish of digitally printed books does not differ from that of Offset printed ones.

However, it is necessary to take into account that there are some fixed costs, such as the lamination of the cover, the Hotmelt stitching or gluing, and the design when it is not available, which must be added to one or more copies and, therefore, to a greater quantity. copies printed, the lower their cost.

Why does printing on demand exist?

Print a single copy of my book
Print a single copy of my book

When it comes to printing a book or a magazine, there are several reasons for printing on demand, but mainly it is due to new digital printing techniques, and new book and magazine finishing technologies that make it possible for the printing of short runs is not as expensive as it was a few years ago.

Only a few years ago, and still today (since many printers have kept their machines for many years), offset printing involved a long and laborious process that included the production of metal plates, one for each color to be printed (in the case of that were the four basic colors, CMYK and more if there were composite or custom colors).

Today, even for very large print runs, there are rotary presses that are fully digital. So you open a PDF and click the print button and in a few hours you will have several thousand printed.

The same process is used for digital printing, or print-on-demand, only on machines designed for short runs and therefore much cheaper than a digital web press (which can cost over a million dollars).

As we have already said, many companies keep their old machines, even the rotary ones, and they continue to be used normally for high runs, those that involve thousands of daily impressions, such as newspapers, magazines or flyers , since it is more profitable to print in large quantities. these machines, obtaining a much higher quality, and without the need to invest in modern machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What advantages does printing on demand offer you?

When it comes to printing a book, digital printing, or printing on demand, has a number of appreciable advantages. Let’s see:

  1. They allow you to avoid large expenses in editions of copies that imply an uncertain sale. This is important, especially if we are talking about writers whose recognition is not yet strong and the path of their sales is unknown. This process guarantees a controlled investment of money.
  2. There is always stock. You can print one or more books at any time you need them.
  1. The publication does not depend on the decision of anyone other than you, only yours. You can make your own book edition .
  2. You don’t need contracts.
  3. You can sell your book on your own without being obliged to pay any fee or royalty to your publisher/printer.
  4. You have no storage expenses, there are no unsold copies, there are no returns and the inventory is eliminated.
  5. You can constantly and immediately update the content of the book, in case you need it. This gives you the extermination of the errors detected from a specific copy.
  6.  You can personalize a specific copy or print run, no matter how small, in the type of cover, color and texture of the paper, composition body or inclusions of dedications or sponsorships.

Where are we located?

We are located in Bogotá, Colombia, but we print for the whole world.

Among our clients are writers from the United States, Europe and some Latin American countries who prefer to print in Colombia because our book printing prices are much cheaper than in their countries.

So when you want to print a book in Bogotá, or print a book in Colombia by ordering it from abroad, do not hesitate to quote with us.

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