Printing in Colombia

Printing in Colombia

Print in Colombia with the cheapest price and the best quality.
Print in Colombia with the cheapest price and the best quality.


Printing in Colombia: Editorial WBC is the easiest, fastest and safest option to print your books, magazines or any type of printed matter in Colombia with shipping to any city or country in the world, specially to United States and Canada. We are one of the best quality printers in Colombia, our Bogotá plant offers offset printing, prepress services and stitching/binding capabilities. Main products include educational books, magazines and catalogues exported to the U.S., Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. Our plant is one of the most competitive options for book and magazine production.

Printing in Colombia: What do you need to know to print in Colombia from anywhere in the world?


  1. Tell us what printed products you need, the specific characteristics of the product, the type of paper to print, the finishes and the number of copies you want to print.
  2. You can contact us by WhatsApp by clicking on the green logo on your right, or you can send us an email to [email protected] or you can click on the Contact tab (or here) and give us the specifications of the document you want to print.
  3. You can send the files to [email protected] or to [email protected] We prefer you to send the files to be printed in .PDF or .AI formats
  4. If you do not have the design of the products that you need to print, we offer you our professional services of designers and services of optimization and finalization of files.
  5. Your order will be delivered at the place you request, in Colombia or anywhere in the world. Delivery times depend on the city or country where you are located.


What information should I provide to know how much doses it cost to print a book or magazine in Colombia?

When printing in Colombia, eather a book or a magazine, the number of copies is important. In Editorial WBC, you can print thousends or a few books at a very favorable price, but you must consider that the more quantity the less price.

Number of pages of the book or magazine you want to print in Colombia.

The more pages the book or magazine has, the more it will cost. Of course, this is not a point at which you can save money, since your book or magazine should be printed with the number of pages that result from the content that is already prepared.

The format of the magazine or book to print is important.

In Editorial WBC, we print all the variety of sizes, but we recommend that you use the most common in books and magazines.

If the following steps are too complicated, or you do not have the time to design your document, remember that we can do all the work for you with the cheapest price.

If you have the writing in Microsoft Word you can configure the size of your book or magazine by going to: «Layout» «Size» «More paper sizes» and type the desired size. This step is to take it into account from the beginning of the layout of your book, so you do not have to re-adjust later other important criteria.

The most used size for literature books is 14 x 21 cm or 17 x 24 cm. If it is a school textbook or a magazine, the most used size is 21 x 28 cm.



How to configure the size of the margins of my book or magazine?

An adequate margin size is of vital importance. If you leave very little space in the internal margins of your book, the risk of you cannot read the words that are near the spine, that is, in the binding is correlated.

To set the margins, go to “Layout” “Margins”, and leave the following settings:

The upper and lower margins are recommended to have at least 2.54 cm.

The left and right margins have been recommended with a minimum of 1.91 cm.

Binding of books or magazines. In Editorial WBC, we offer you the options of hard cover, soft cover, with or without flaps. Depending on the option you choose, the cost of the book or magazine will be significantly affected. But the best look and presentation of the hardcover is beyond what the final price should be. In the case of magazine binding, there is an option with stapling or glued hotmelt (heat glued), which also applies to softcover books.

Cover finish. You can choose between glossy or matte laminated. If the print run is greater than 100 units, you can also choose the matte option with UV reserve.

Interior pages in color or black and white. Literature books are usually in black and white, and you can add the photos or illustrations in a gray scale without this altering the price. If your book has pictures or drawings in color, the price will be significantly increased. The cover is always in color, although it can be done in black and white, but the price will be the same.

Quality of the paper You can choose between different grammages and paper types. For literature books such as novels or poetry, the usual is bond 75 gr. Paper, some use Earthpack. For books with images or color photographs, Cote or stucco (glazed paper) of 115 or 150 gr is recommended. But it depends a lot on the content and the audience.



Printing in Colombia with the cheapest price and the best quality.


Printing in Colombia with the cheapest price and the best quality.
Printing in Colombia with the cheapest price and the best quality.



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