Help writing a book

Help writing a book

I want to write a book, but not how
I want to write a book, but do not know how

Do you want to write a book and do not know how?

If you do need Help writing a book, becasuse you want to write a book, but do not know much about writing, do not know the steps to translate your idea into a work that can be read and selling, however, Will you’ve got an amazing idea and think you can share it in a book? Do you have a story to tell and a legacy to leave in writing, but do not have the skills to do it yourself? Do not worry,

many authors not know how to write, but they have excellent ideas and a good team of writers who have helped them finish their writings.

Help writing book

Help writing a book
Help writing a book

You’d be amazed the number of authors who are best-sellers in bookstores and have not written his own work.

The following are some examples of books or maybe you want to write and we write for you, in whose title and rights records single author will appear you, because our team is not listed or have any rights to your work:

  • Your biography or life history
  • A novel *
  • School text *
  • A book of teachings
  • A self improvement book or some formula for success
  • You want to tell how was the creation of your company, the foundation of your municipality, etc.
  • Narrating a real adventure or fictitious
  • Your family history
  • The passion that you do not want or can not forget
  • A book with the love story of your parents (as a gift for their golden wedding, anniversary, etc.)
  • A cartoon or a comic
  • An interesting experience on any topic
  • Work study
  • The contents of a web page
  • A thesis or degree
  • A report

* When it comes to novel or textbook, described rate changes. See rates here.

Help writing book

But you do not know how to write, you’ve come to the right place. You have the ideas, we have the ability to write. All your ideas are important and have no place. Nothing is impossible, difficult as it may seem, we can help you see your goal fulfilled.

Help writing a book
Help writing book

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and will sign a contract of assignment of rights, where waive any rights to your work.

Rate and Budget

Help writing the book:

To ease the preparation of the budget, we have set a standard fee per page, so you can estimate what your total investment. For most work, the price is $ 50,000 per written page, except for school textbooks, the price per page is $ 90,000 per page and novels or books of fiction, priced at $ 70,000, that due to this these books requires special advice.

Note that these prices include layout, proofreading and editing and cover design. In addition, we deliver 100 printed copies of your completed physical book, so that you’ll get much investment.

If you give your story or content of your book on audio or video, look at this offer that you will come out much cheaper to write, edit and publish your book.

To view our service fees layout, cover design, illustrations or photographs, please click here .




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